Short cuts have already gained in popularity with ladies from across the world – they are really feminine and let women create an elegant look making no efforts and wasting no time on styling their hair. Even the shortest cuts emphasize ladies’ tenderness and make them incredibly stylish, that’s exactly why more and more beauties give preference to impressive and trendy short hairdos.

Short Cuts To Give Preference To

So which short blue hairstyles are the most relevant nowadays? Asymmetric cuts with and without bangs are definitely the trendiest ones – it is possible to easily style them at home with special hair products and either dry them naturally or use a dryer. Moreover, you can also use rollers to add volume to the roots and make hair strands a little curly keeping the bangs straight.

Bob with long side bangs also looks fantastic both on straight and curly hair. This cut is always in style, so you will be able to easily create a fashionable look giving preference to bob. There is a great number of bob variations, so you will be able to easily choose a cut you like the most and style it the way you want to.

Short layered cuts, such as cascade, look brilliant on straight hair making it possible for you to create a little messy, edgy image and, at the same time, look excellent on any occasion. Layered volumizing `dos are suitable for ladies with any face shape as well as just a catch for girls with fine hair making it look much thicker and healthier.

Selecting The Color Of Your Hair

Unordinary shades are still in style, so if you are willing to create a unique image and differ from the others then choose vibrant, eye-catching color, like blue one. Vivid blue highlights, pastel blue and mint hair, cool silver tones and navy blue balayage are really trendy nowadays.

So what short blue hairstyles should you choose in order to create the desired image?

  1. Navy blue hue will make your look mysterious and definitely impressive. Such shade is just a catch for girls with fine skin tone and deep blue or grey eye color.
  2. Bluish black shade looks brilliant in the sunlight. It is suitable for girls with any skin tone and eye color, however ladies with dark skin will look just incredible with bluish black hair color.
  3. Pastel blue highlights on platinum blonde or dark brown hair will definitely make your image unforgettable. Pastel blue matches perfectly with light blue or grey eyes.
  4. Light blue, azure and turquoise – these shades will be a catch for everyone who’s willing to create a gentle, feminine and elegant look.
  5. Indigo is the trendiest color you should definitely take into consideration. This deep shade looks really impressive and makes the hair even shinier.

Both vibrant blue and pastel blue shade look fabulous with any outfit, makeup and accessories: it will make your everyday life look even more interesting and extraordinary as well as help you impress everyone when attending a formal event or going to a party.

Create An Eye-Catching Look With A Short Blue Cut
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