Hairstyles for short hair for girls and women who follow trends have become a new object of interest. Previously, everything was simple: we left the salon with a new haircut, already arranged by the stylist, and at home we tried to repeat the styling – the same one day after day. Now hairstyles for a short haircut (absolutely any) allows you to deviate from the model norm.

In addition, short hair better hold volume and shape, which can not be said about the long curls, and the ends – less split. This is a chance to experiment! This is a chance to experiment, and we won’t pass it up.

Easy hairstyles for short hair you can easily create yourself with a shallow dive into the secrets of styling. More complex elegant hairstyles, consisting of several elements and different techniques, will require the hands of a professional. Let’s talk about both, study some interesting video tutorials from stylists, and finally start practicing.

Yes, there is one difficulty in short haircuts – bangs. Sometimes it looks great with any hairstyle, and sometimes it’s dissonant. Let’s see popular hairstyles for short hair on the photo to deal with it as well.

So, what hairstyle can be done on short hair – for a special occasion, for every day and for every type of haircut?

Hairstyles for short hair for every day

In the morning there is only one desire – to meditate with a large cup of coffee on the view outside the window. Provided the view is really inspiring. Simple hairstyles for short hair will replace the dawn rays, because they are just as inspiring and take only five minutes from the time of morning gatherings.


The wind-up effect in your hair and the ironclad staying power – sloppy hairstyles are really cool! And on very short hair it is not difficult to construct them.

Brilliant hairstyles for short hair
Brilliant hairstyles for short hair

Face front ends

Tender hairstyles for short hair for every day you can create a technique pulling strands on the brushing: it is fast, efficient, stylish. Curled ends away from the face is the quintessence of tenderness.


In order to curl voluminous curls quickly if necessary, practice in your spare time. The styling looks especially cute on a square-cut. If you are tired of the daily, albeit groovy, bunches, stock up on a large-diameter curling iron and dare.


Some unusual hairstyles for short hair on a daily basis (the ones that can be constructed by hand) are equally relevant and at work, and on a date. A bang is exactly that: boring and versatile. Ideal for a bob, mullet and shaggy.

Emphasis on bangs

Hairstyles for very short hair are cool if only because you can just blow-dry them – and go to work, and then to the movies or the theater. And look tidy every minute. Add a dash of relaxed bangs – let the tidiness be replaced by sophistication.

Evening hairstyles for short hair

A variety of hairstyles allow owners of short stylish haircuts easily pick up a hairstyle for any occasion: from the daily office to the unusual celebration. The latter – event images – deserve special attention. Beautiful hairstyles on short hair does not lie with the first time, be prepared to tirelessly practice.

Bouncy curls

Hairstyles for short hair with curls of large diameter become an accent detail of the image and perfectly soften the facial features. The diameter of the curler or rollers is about 2-2.5 cm is optimal, it is not necessary to be shallow.

Hollywood or cold wave

If the first still get to recreate their own, then for the second with a quiet soul to go to the hairdresser-modeler in the salon. The master will be able to curl a beautiful cold wave, even on the small fluffy hair over the forehead. However, “curl” is not the right word, the wave is rather folded in a zigzag.


Fluffy bangs, stacked backwards, open the face and look appropriate to the occasion, whether it’s the wedding of your best friend or the grand opening of your own art gallery. Pompadour is also suitable for photo shoots, make sure to make your makeup more expressive. And another plus of the styling: it will come to the rescue when the collected hairstyles on short hair at home in no way succeed.


If hairstyles on short hair with a wet effect in the parade image is not always appropriate, the original braids look surprisingly harmonious in any environment. Styling will need a lot, but it must be spent wisely, otherwise the hairstyle will look like a tow.

Textural Dynamics

Now hairstyles for short hair with the strands, artistically arranged around the face, is no longer called a feather, but memory helpfully tucks that word. Stylists call such a hairstyle movable texture and recommend doing it on short hair length without doubt or hesitation.

Hairstyle ideas for short hair for a bob haircut with slanted bangs

It seems that there is nothing to think of here. A round comb, a hair dryer with a concentrator nozzle – and no creativity. However, stylists offer different styling options, and all in their own way are good. What hairstyle to do on short hair happy owner of a fashionable bob with slanted bangs?

The volume

Classic bob styling becomes unconventional – lush and eye-catching. This effect can be achieved by a duo of backcombs and hair powders.

Lightweight curls with texture

Slightly mussed up light curls will give the impression that you have just stepped out of the sea, giving a romantic look. A curl that can be styled with a blow dryer and a salt spray.

Brilliant hairstyles for short hair
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