The argument about who is more attractive – brunettes or blondes – can be made endlessly, with different arguments. The same goes for eye color. Which eyes are more beautiful: blue or brown, gray or green? But now we know for certain (and it is officially confirmed by science): blue-eyed people are the most attractive creatures among us.

Blue eyes can be compared to a deep ocean or a clear clear river. One can “drown” in them and irrevocably fall in love with their blueness. Is it an accident that most of the successful and famous Hollywood actors are blue-eyed? Maybe, maybe not. However, people with blue eyes around the world are considered more attractive than those with dark eyes.

Scientists have conducted many studies and surveys, and one conclusion is the same: most people agree that the most beautiful and charming are those whose eyes exactly blue.

Why does eye color change in children?

Why are children born with blue eyes, but their color changes with age, becoming, for example, brown? The reason is the concentration of melanin in the eye membrane. The less of it, the bluer the eyes. That’s why it’s a typical color for babies-they have almost no melanin. This substance begins to be produced between the ages of six to three years, and its final concentration determines the color of a person’s eyes in the future.

Interestingly, blue-eyed Asian and African babies are almost non-existent – most often in these countries newborns have brown eyes, because they have a surplus of melanin at birth.

Have blue eyes always existed?

Actually, they haven’t. Scientists say that the first blue-eyed man appeared about ten thousand years ago. And it was a rare and unusual genetic mutation – because before that all people without exception were brown-eyed. This event marked the beginning of the period of “many colors” of the eyes: they became blue, gray and green. Since then, every blue-eyed person on this planet has a special gene that distinguishes them from all other people. You could even say that to some extent they all have the same ancestor – that first blue-eyed person.

Eye color depends on genes

It used to be thought that brown eyes in one of the parents will certainly “score” blue or gray, and the color of the child’s eyes will also be brown. However, scientists say that it is more complicated than that, and it depends not on one dominant gene, but on many. After all, they are responsible for how much melanin is in the iris.

In total, there are 13 variations of genes that determine the color of a person’s eyes. This is not their only purpose-the same genes also determine a number of other aspects of each person’s health and character.

Character traits of blue-eyed people

Therefore, it is not at all surprising that people with a certain eye color have a number of unique characteristics that are unique to them. These qualities can manifest gradually, throughout their lives.

And while we’re on the subject of blue eyes, here are some of the most common characteristics of people you already know are considered most attractive.

They tolerate pain well

Scientists have specifically asked this question and found that blue-eyed (and generally bright-eyed) women tolerate pain much better than women with dark eyes. Unfortunately, there is no information on how this applies to men with a similar eye color. However, there is a well-established “popular” opinion that blue-eyed women in labor go through the childbirth process much easier and more painless than those with brown eyes.

They have the gift of strategic thinking

Most people with blue eyes better than brown-eyed cope with strategic issues that require deliberate, independent decision. Not without reason there are many scientists and academics, public figures and politicians. Interestingly, scientists have recorded this fact, but have not yet been able to explain it.

They are slower to get used to new things

Blue-eyed babies in one of the experiments were much slower to get tired of new toys than brown-eyed. In addition, young people with blue eyes are much more shy and modest than members of the same age group with brown eyes. Again, no one knows why this is the case, but it definitely has something to do with the genes that originally determine a person’s eye color.

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They are sensitive and romantic

Among blue-eyed people, there are many dreamers and romantics. About them it is often said “looks at life through rose-colored glasses,” because they believe in true love, sentimental and lofty. Girls with blue eyes need a lot of attention from the chosen one – without it they literally can not live.

Also, blue-eyed people are known for their fickleness. Only that they were quiet as the lake in calm weather – and now on a placid water surface waves. They often get offended for no reason and get depressed. This is largely because they take everything too seriously and close to their hearts.

Their eyes are really their mirror of the soul

In the eyes of a blue-eyed man is very easy to determine his mood. This is because such people are very contrasting in terms of energy. Although they usually do not have psychic abilities (the best psychics – brown-eyed), but people with blue eyes have a gift to send all of their internal energy to a certain person in a certain moment. That is why it is so easy to determine when the blue-eye wearer standing in front of you is happy, upset, angry, or afraid. The saying about the “mirror of the soul” was invented about them, as if on purpose!

Attractiveness is a controversial concept

Different peoples considered the most beautiful eye color that was given to man by nature. Among dark-skinned gypsies and Indian women there are real brown-eyed beauties, and natural blondes are most suitable for their blue, green or light gray eyes.

And yet it is blue eyes that are the standard of attraction around the world. Not without reason many brown-eyed girls dream of becoming blue-eyed. Fortunately, in today’s world, it is not difficult – just buy colored contact lenses. But you can hardly change your character and innermost being, because a brown-eyed person will stay that way “inside.

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